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Taken directly from my terms of use notecards. These terms only apply to full permission items.

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All Items

By purchasing a sculpt kit, hair textures, or any other item(s) provided with full or copy/transfer permission (a “creator kit”) from Alice Project, you are agreeing to these terms. The Terms of Use can be found in world in any Alice Project shop where Alice Project creator kits are sold, in information notecards of any affiliate vendor selling Alice Project creator kits, on all individual product listings on out-of-world shops — in whole or in part — (such as XstreetSL and slapt.me), and on the Alice Project blog (http://oldblog.alice-project.net). If you have a creator kit that you did not purchase from Alice Demonia or an official Alice Project affiliate vendor (you’ll be able to tell what they look like!), please contact her immediately.

Buying a creator kit grants you a license to use all included prims, sculpt maps, sculpted prims, and texture maps to aid in the creation of your own unique items, for personal or commercial use exclusively within the SecondLife platform. The ONLY approved grids for use of these products is the Linden Lab SecondLife Main Grid, Test Grid, and any private OpenSIM grid (as in a grid you use to test your products on). Use outside of SecondLife is strictly prohibited.

Creator kits are NOT to be sold in full or in part with full permissions or copy and modify permissions for any reason! They are strictly for your own personal use.


You may ONLY sell your own creations built from this kit to your customers without full or copy and transfer permissions.

Sculpt maps are sold no mod with an alpha channel protection. Texture maps are sold with full permissions and may be manipulated or merged as you please. Derivatives of texture maps may NOT be resold.

Hair Textures

Feel free to use hair textures not only for hair, but also for anything else creative you can think of! This does NOT include using them in Business in a Box schemes or in anything else that’s for sale as full permissions.

Hair textures are NOT meant for resale as individual or packaged texture sets. You may only sell your creations that you have added these textures to.

You are free to manipulate the textures as you please. Derivatives using any hair texture in whole or in part are not to be resold.

Any breech of this agreement will have the appropriate legal action taken.

Thanks much!
Alice Demonia
Alice Project Owner


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