Store Policies

Refunds and Exchanges

Oops! You just lagged out and bought more than one of a copiable item. No problem. I can get you a refund if you send me a notecard with the following info:
Name of notecard: *Your Name* – Double Purchase – date/of/purchase
Log on to your account at and go to []. Here you can find information on your transactions. Please copy and paste the row of data from the table where your made your double/triple/whatever purchase. If you made three accidental purchases and one purchase that you ment to make, you should have a total of four rows copied and pasted into a notecard! This will help me to issue your refund(s) much sooner.

Instead of a refund, you can also request an exchange. I will ONLY issue exchanges for double purchases of COPYABLE items. You may exchange for ONE item worth the same price as the item you purchased twice or you can ask for a store credit (which will be issued through the store card system).

I DO NOT issue refunds or exchanges for any other purpose than a double purchase or misdelivery. Transferable items may *sometimes* be exchanged for a store credit, but this is up to my discretion. Please be sure to look carefully at posters and try demos if they are available. If you’re not sure about something, please ask me about it before you purchase.

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