Get New Hair For Free: Brittany

Written by Alice on August 19th, 2011. Posted in Hair, News

Hi guys! I’ve finally gotten around to re-implementing the Lucky system into my store (sorry it’s been gone for so long! I never intended for that.) and now I have a new, unreleased hairstyle waiting for you to collect! Well, for right now it’s unreleased… trying to get it all finished and packed up in addition to other hairstyles.

There are 2 Lucky Boards and 1 Lucky Chair; each have the same items. I’ll add another board and/or chair to this once I start making shoes. For right now, each hairstyle inside each Lucky Board/Chair comes in ONE color from the Naturals Lite pack. I have a chart up in the store. Eventually I’d like to have some exclusive “Lucky Colors” can I use for this.

As a bonus, every time you win something you get entered into a daily drawing for a FULL, 25 color Naturals Pack of 1 hairstyle. Right now I have the new Brittany hairstyle and Persuasion in each of the boards/chair, plus Brittany and Persuasion Naturals Pack as the Lucky Bonus! I’ll be adding more to this as I get more stuff out. For now, here’s a pic of Brittany and the current Lucky Colors.

Wonderland Hunt Begins!

Written by Alice on August 16th, 2011. Posted in Events, Hair, Releases

The Wonderland Hunt has begun, and here’s my gift for the event! I actually have two boxes out, numbers 10 and 11. Number 10 has the hairstyle and number 11 has the two headband accessories you see in the images above, plus a bonus large top hat.

The hair comes in the two versions you see above, either with the mini top hat headband or the teacup headband. Each hair is scripted with the 5 natural colors that are included in the elusive but still alive Naturals Lite Pack. You’ll be able to purchase this particular version of the Wonderland hair in the normal color packs after the hunt ends on September 15. A second version of this hairstyle with and without a headband may be available soon.

I have some other hairstyles I need to finish that I hope to have out soon, but I’ve still got a couple custom orders to fill out before I can really concentrate on my own stuff again, so it might be a little bit before I get around to finishing them. For now, please enjoy the hunt. Maybe I’ll see you in store!

Starting point for the hunt is here:
Alice Project Main Store:

New Hairstyle: Persuasion

Written by Alice on August 9th, 2011. Posted in Hair, Releases

Hi guys!

This is a repost from my old blog just so you all can see it. I’ll quote the old text, as well. :D

I’ve pretty much been the worst blogger ever and I haven’t blogged any of my previous releases. I want to completely overhaul my blog since I’ve already done the same with my inworld store, so of course I should probably post in it, hmm? Persuasion is my latest. I just put this out in the store last night/this morning and along with it is a special promo deal available where you can get this hair + a preview of my new HUD system! Yay! I’ll have more details posted later, but for right now, here’s and image of the hair, and please do come down and check it out. With the Hair + HUD ALL colors are included, new and old textures. Right now this is a total of… 400 colors/color combos! My old textures currently do not have compatible flexi wisp textures so you’ll have to use the HUD system to hide the flexi. I’ll have another post explaining all the features of the HUD at another time when I do a full release for it. For now, there’s a nifty graphic though! Come check it out in store,

Alice Project Hair - Persuasion

The Latest Releases

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Hi all!

All who are not reading, I’m sure, lol. WELL, this is a post just to show what I’ve released recently, which will help with the new layout I’m working on too. I have a lot of stuff lined up that’s just kind of sitting around but I’ve been sick recently so I’ve been trying to concentrate all the time I have into working on commissions I need to finish. For now, here’s a look at all the things I didn’t blog on my old blog that were recently put out. These 6 are all from Hair Fair 2011. I have one more that I released afterward, but I’m gonna give it a special post because there’s other details… and I posted it on my old blog too, so I’m just gonna copy that one over, lol.


Welcome to the New Alice Project Blog!

Written by Alice on August 7th, 2011. Posted in News

It’s been awhile, but I’ve finally gotten around to updating my blog layout, and updating my blog as well. I’m still working on it a bit, but for now it’s functional at least. I still have a lot of documentation to upload.

I’ll be updating this blog with releases and information for my store as I did (sort of) before. If there’s anything you’d like to see from the old blog, it’s been preserved at