Scripted Hair Instructions

Since all my hair is scripted, there’s a few things that are different or can be confusing to some users. I’ve made my instructions notecard available here on the website for everyone to view. Don’t feel overwhelmed, scripted hair is actually REALLY simple to use! This is just a full guide so you know all your options.


  1. Introduction to Alice Project Hair
  2. Hair Permissions
  3. Why Scripted Hair?
  4. How to Use Your New Hair
  5. How to Create Permanent Colors
  6. Sending Suggestions and Feedback
  7. Known Issues & Workarounds
    1. False Permissions

Introduction to Alice Project Hair

Thank you for purchasing a hairstyle from Alice Project. This notecard contains everything you need to know about using my scripted hairstyles. I know this seems like a lot of stuff, but it’s important to at least read the how-to section! If you have any questions, before you ask, please read through this whole notecard as it might answer some of your questions.

This notecard will explain how to use the hair and how to create a non-scripted, single color hair for when you might need to have a color arsenal ready for quick changing in a laggy or region that has scripts turned off… right after I give you a little background!

Hair Permissions

ALL hair at Alice Project is Copy, Modify, and NO transfer. Please buy a gift card if you’d like to give someone an Alice Project product. Only some demos are transferable so you can pass them along to friends who may be interested after you’re finished with the demo. You MAY NOT attempt to sell demos for profit. It would be pretty stupid anyway since demo is written all over it. :)

The texture changing script MAY cause you to see false permissions. Please see the “Known Issues & Workarounds” section for details.

Why Scripted Hair?

I original idea started just because I wanted an easy why to apply the 100+ textures I made for my hair. Yes, that *is* a lot, and it’s even MORE when you have to hand select parts of the hair that require a different texture… So I decided to learn some more scripting by creating what would be a fully automated system that would rez a hairstyle, texture it, and plop the finished textures into my inventory so I could sort through them and box them up for resale.
Well, I never really got to that last part, because I started thinking “why not just sell the hair with the script in it?” Seriously. WHY NOT? The only bad thing is that depending on how many parts there are in the style, it could take as long as a minute or more to fully texture the hair. But then again, sometimes it takes that long just to *rez* the hair anyway, right? Oh, and also that you won’t be able to use it in no script areas… but I’ll come back to that later. It’s not as bad as it may seem.
The good thing about scripted hair is that you get one object in your inventory instead of a possible 110+. You will load faster and you won’t have to sort through so much! Not to mention that you’ll only have to edit the hair you fit you ONCE. Then if you want to create permenant colors for when you go into no script areas, you can do that too. Worried about lag? Just make a copy of your hair, select the color you want, and delete the scripts from them. The script is designed to be low lag and it only activates when you click on it, but feel free to be on the safe side. Just don’t forget to make a copy FIRST!
Originally, I was going to go ahead and pack the scripted hair along with a box of unscripted, precolored hair… but If I don’t that leaves me with more time to DESIGN. Yay.

How to Use Your New Hair

Using this hair is pretty simple. All you do is click on it and a menu will pop up, asking you to select a set of colors if you have the Natural or Full Color packs, or for you to select a color if you have any other pack. For each menu, you have ten seconds to make a selection. If you want longer than ten seconds you’ll have to click the hair again. I know, this can be a pain, but it’s better than creating more lag, am I right? Demo hair only includes colors from the Natual Pack. If you would like to see all color possibilities, stop by the shop! I have a working demo of the script set up for anyone to use.

If you need further assistance with using the hair, please IM me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

How to Create Permanent Colors

I’ve left this option up to the customers. Based on a survey I sent out, more people liked the saved inventory space than those that really didn’t want to work with a script. I think maybe people were just either as lazy as I am or they were afraid of breaking something. xD

Creating permanent color packs:

  1. Make a copy of the hair first, just incase you *do* mess up. This way you won’t have to IM me and wait for me to come online before you get a replacement. If you DO need a replacement, please IM me with an approximate date of purchase and I’ll send you a replacement. I will not send replacements to alts who have not actually bought the hair.
  2. Wear your hair and resize it if needed to fit your head. If you resize the hair, take it off first, then make yet another copy, and maybe add “Resized” or something to the name so you know which one is fit to your head. You MUST take the hair off first so it will save the new size FIRST. There’s other ways to do this, but this is the easiest one. If you know your own way, do whatever you’re comfy with.
    If you want, you can skip step one if you’re making a copy here, but I like to keep a copy of my hair in it’s original size just incase I change my head size or mess up later on.
  3. Wear the new copy, click on it, and choose what color you want. Once you’ve got what you want, in edit mode, go to the “Contents” tab (make sure you click the “More >>” button so you can see all the tabs). In this tab you should see a script, or a few scripts depending on what pack you bought. Delete all the scripts here and tada!! You’ve officially given your hair a permanent dye job.
    You can use one of your other copies now to make more perma-colors if you want/need to. This is why resizing FIRST is good! Now you don’t have to resize each one you want to perma-dye.

Once again, if you need further assistance with using the hair, please IM me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’ll be glad to assist you and answer your questions.

You are the only person who should be able to use your hair. If someone else is changing the color of your hair, please let me know as there is something seriously wrong with the script.

Send Suggestions and Feedback

Please feel free to send me comments, suggestions, and general feedback about the hair system. If you have any problems with any hair, please IM me and let me know! Questions are always welcome, of course. Just don’t forget to read this notecard thoroughly first.

Known Issues & Workarounds

There’s only ONE issue at this time that i know about that doesn’t really belong in any other category (I think) so I’m listing it here.

False Permissions

If you drop or rez your hair on the ground then take it back into your inventory, it will display as no mod and/or no copy. This is because the texture changing script has these permissions and for whatever reason SL displays these after the dropping/taking situation I mentioned above. Though it displays these permissions, you CAN still edit your hair while wearing it or while it’s rezzed on the ground. There should also still be a mod/copy version in your inventory should you need to make a new copy.

If there ARE any hairstyles out there without a copiable script inside it, let me know. The script SHOULD BE copiable to prevent the above situation causing you to not be able to copy your hair.

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