Mesh Hair


Included in a purchase of mesh hair are several versions of the hair with multiple alpha options, plus in some cases you may have attachments for flexi, bangs, or accessories. I recommend using the No Alpha version if you use any flexi attachment.

How to Wear Attachments

To wear additional attachments, right click on the item and select “Add” rather than double clicking or selecting “Wear.” This will add the attachment without causing other items attached to the same attachment point to be detached.

LOD Settings

Though I’ve tested about a billion different times, sometimes the LOD does not display correctly. I’ve left the default SL LOD import settings with most hair because it does a way better job than I get on my own, lol. Less stress on the end user when it comes to actually loading the object.

If your hair doesn’t look right after you’ve zoomed in on it to load it to the max LOD, you’ll need to adjust your viewer settings.

1. CTRL + ALT + Shift + S to bring up the Debug Settings window
2. Type in rendervolumeLODfactor
3. Type in a value between 2.000 and 4.000
4. Press the “X” to close the window

Usually the default, 1.000 is enough. If yours is lower than that, try that first. I’ve checked all my objects all the way down to an LOD factor of 0.1 and as long as they’re on avatar, they seem to look fine, even with the lowest graphics settings. Everyone’s computer is different though.


Unfortunately, due to the hair being rigged so it moves with the avatar, you cannot modify the size or positioning of the hair.

Also be aware that alpha on mesh objects interacts differently than it does on other prims. This is why I’m included different alpha versions of each hair whenever I can.

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