Oh My Gacha!

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Oh My Gacha LM

Alice Project are opening a new month with the most adorable gacha set yet to hit our stores!


From early October, we will be running Oh My Gacha! with 15 absolutely to-die-for-cute necklaces including 3 rare head gear. To play, simply pay the gacha machine L$50 and you will win one of the 15 prices, with Lady Fortune and randomness hopefully in your favor. If you’re lucky, you may just land one of the 3 rares!


Will you go after the delicious happy cookie necklace? Or perhaps the sadface star? The chocolate donuts come with sprinkles to brighten your day and, if you’re fortunate, you might just land yourself a small plate of desserts complete with a signature cupcake to proudly crown your hairdo!


Check out the poster to see all the possibilities, including the much-coveted rares! Play and collect the entire set, or trade your duplicates with other eager players today.


DISCLAIMER: A gacha game is a purchase-to-play event that uses algorithms to choose and dispense a random product within the machine’s inventory. These items are no-copy but are transferable, and are therefore non-refundable once received. We will also not permit direct-purchase requests as this violates gacha event rules and also defeats the purpose of such an event. We hereby reserve the right to ignore all such requests as we choose.

Alice Project permits and endorse the right of all gacha players to trade, sell, or dispose of all gacha items freely with no limitations beyond original point of sale at our machines.

Alice Project Summer Sale!

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Alice Project Summer Sale

Great news you guys! Since I’ve revitalized all hairstyles in the store and whatnot, I’ve decided what BETTER way to introduce you all to the new stuff than to put it on sale. Really. Also, Hair Fair is on its way and this is just the beginning of the festivities at Alice Project.

All MESH hairstyles are available at 50% for the next two weeks, June 13th through 27th! This is a great time to familiarize yourself with our new Create Your Own packs, a new system that allows you to color each of the 5 hairstyles in the pack with any one of your favorite Alice Project colors. HUDs are included with each purchase, but you can also use any version 2 demo HUD to color CYO styles. I’ll have more in depth information on CYO packs available here on the blog soon. Also stay tuned for a tutorial by my lovely CSR, Sookie Triellis.

Infinity packs are still available and are STILL the way to go if you want the get the most possibilities out of the color customization features offered with every Alice Project style. CYO is great if you’re looking for just single color hair, but if you’d like to do MORE, Infinity is for you!

Day 8 gift out~

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Yay, time for a new gift! Hope you enjoy.

Here’s yesterday’s, as well as yesterday’s VIP special:

Advent Gift 7 has been set out

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Hi guys!

Today’s a special treat if you’re a VIP because you can get TWO gifts. Yay~ Not showing a pic of course, but I’ll give you a hint; it’s perfect for windy holiday pics.

Here’s a look at what you missed yesterday. Don’t forget you can purchase for L$50 at the store if needed before Christmas.

Advent Day 6 gift is now out!

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Yaaaaaay, new gift is out! I’ve also put out the previous days’ gifts for L$50, but only grab them if you need them before Christmas Day! I’ll have them on special then as a special end-of-the-event sale.

Here’s yesterday’s gift:

Gift 5 out!

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Hi everyone~ Today’s gift is now out and here’s what you missed yesterday if you didn’t stop by. Don’t forget to come over to our Mint Tulip location everyday after 12 noon SLT to pick up a new gift!

Advent Gift 4! Out now!

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Gift number 4 is OUT! Yay! Gift 3 was the first of some holiday inspired hair colors. I’m undecided on if I’ll stick with just Christmas color streaks or do some for some other winter holidays, it IS an advent calendar which is for Christmas, but we’ll see.  Anyway, here was yesterday’s gift:

Landmark: Alice Project @ Mint Tulip

Gift Number 3 is out!

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Yup, I’m ‘totes cool’ and didn’t blog right when the gift was out, but the new gift is there and will be for another 12 hours. Here’s a look at yesterday’s gift!

Advent Calendar December 2nd gift is out now!

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Just an update to let you all know that the 2nd gift is available! I won’t be posting pictures here because the gifts are a SURPRISE, YAY! I will, however, post the previous day’s gift.

All gifts will be available as a bundle from 25th onward, but it WILL cost money to purchase this bundle. Grab them up for free while you can!

I now leave you with yesterday’s gift:

Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gifts

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Alice Project will be participating in the Mint Tulip Advent Calendar event between 1st December and 25th December. During this period, a free gift item will be available at the Alice Project satellite store located at Mint Tulip everyday.

To keep track of new gift releases, please check back here at the Alice Project blog as updates happen. (Or bookmark us!).

Our first release will be at noon SLT on December 1st.

Go on; spoil yourself this December…at least for the first 25 days!