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Why wont the new hair HUD work on my old hairs?

Written by sookietriellis on November 9th, 2012. Posted in Tutorials

         So it looks like a zebra pooped on the hair you say? Well this is actually cause by a very simple problem. When the scripts were updated in the HUDs it changed the mapping of the textures. The older hairs have the mapping set up for the old HUDs. How do you fix this you ask. Well that is also very easy which I will show you set by step through screen shots.

*NOTE: you will only need to update for the most recent HUD (fading autumn HUD)  to use on previous hairs.

Step 1: Make a copy of the hairs you will be updating. (if you know how to make a copy please feel free to scroll down to step 2)

     You will see the hairs in your inventory highlighted if you are still wearing the hair just simply detach the hair pieces you are wearing. Yes you will be bald for a moment but not for all that long

Once you have detached the hair it will look like the picture above in your inventory.

So to copy the hairs while they are in your inventory just hold down the CTRL key (for you windows users) and for you pesky Mac people you will click CMD (well if my plurk buddies are correct anyway)once you have highlighted the pieces you are wanting to copy. You will right click and a drop down menu that looks similar to the one one the left picture will show up. Click on the area that says copy that I have boxed in red. Then you will right click on the folder with all that particular hair in it. Another drop down menu will show up. This time you click that paste botton that is also boxed in red. Now if for some reason you don’t see the paste button you probably didn’t do the coping correctly. If it did show up just click it and wait a moment. Depending on how many items you are coping it can take a minute. It will also depend on SL on how fast the coping occurs. Once SL has successfully copied your items into the folder you wanted it in your folder will look something like this:

   Step 2: Rez the hair onto the ground.

         You can wear the hair and add the script to it but if it’s a hair like Reema that has a couple of parts to the hair, it’s a ton easier to rez each piece ot add the script in.

 Step 3: Go into build mode and click on the last tabe called Contents

        Make sure you still have your inventory opened for easy access to the updater script.

*Note: You don’t have to go into build mode you can just drop it onto the hair it will highlight the whole hair so you know it is going into the hair.

Your Screen should look something similar to this now

Step 4: Click on the Script the says AP Hair Offest Fixer and drag and drop it into the hair or Content tab in build mode.

*NOTE: You will need to do this for each part of the hair that uses a hair texture! So I am showing you guys Reema you will need to do the bangs, hair and the braided headband. Other wise the Textures will look funky on the part of the hair you didn’t update.

You will find the script inside the Grace Folder that is part of the Fall into the season hunt. It is also in the Fading Autumn HUD folder as well.

Your hair will now look like this once the script has been put in.