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Worst than I thought. o:

Written by Alice on September 14th, 2011. Posted in News

Seems like the problem affects ALL colors, and I’ll need to redo everything again. Fourth time! This time it was because when I did the 3rd fix I accidentally undid the 2nd fix by mixing up files… GG! Replacement will be simple if you purchased at the store, since you can just redeliver, but I’ll have to make marketplace replacements myself. If you find you’re having issues, please IM me and I’ll get you a replacement as soon as I can get all the hair rescripted and repackaged.

In the meantime, there’s a work around. Won’t work with the Bella bangs since mesh is weird and doesn’t like clicks for some reason (or maybe I’m just missing how to make it work), but for everything else you can fix it by coloring each add-on/flexi part separately before coloring it with the main hair. Sohee will work fine, everything else can get broken pretty easily unless you color it separately first.

Right now there’s a redelivery terminal beside the mail/suggestion box… which it by the desk area at the front of the store. It’s kinda small cause it’s temporary, I’m going to make bigger ones later today. That’s actually what I was starting to work on before someone pointed out that things weren’t working correctly. SIGH. Anyway, if you absolutely cannot wait ’til later, you can go there to get a new copy. Otherwise, IM me if you can’t use the terminal and I’ll hook you up with a new copy.

Also!! Big news tomorrow!  I’ll give it its own post cause it deserves it.