6 New Meshie Hairstyles!

Written by Alice on September 11, 2011. Posted in Hair, Releases

Hi there!!

Six new releases today! These are all hairstyles I made for IMVU and I’m converted to SL. I can’t wait to actually make NEW hair, but I still have a couple of customs to finish first (which I’m glad to say are nearly ready!). Plus school has started and that’s just.. blah. So anyway, here’s the pics for all the new hairstyles. 100 Linden Weekends has been canceled tihs week, so I’m going ahead and making the full release of Sohee, but the Natural Lite pack is still available in store for L$100 ’til Sunday/Monday.

Since this stuff is mesh, you’ll need an appropriate viewer to see it correctly. Instructions are available in store with links to compatible viewers. All hairstyles are rigged to your avatar so the move along with you without getting stuck in your shoulders and stuff (except for some cases of extreme animation, I suppose). All can be worn with or without flexi and have multiple versions of alpha/no alpha.. cause mesh stuff is weird with alpha sometimes.

Also, Amiya SE is Special Edition because… I have two other viewers that are supposed to be 2 and 3, lol. She was not meant to have curls, but I wanted a curly version.. so there it is!

Also!! I have 5 new colors uploaded: Red, Orange, Blue, Indigo and Pink. Yay! Only 5 more to go. I’m also going to be releasing my color change HUDs soon, probably tomorrow.

And finally, here’s the new releases:

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