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Omg, so sleepy.. but new mesh hair for you!

Written by Alice on September 9th, 2011. Posted in Events, Hair, Releases

And only at L$100!

Today is the first day of L$100 Weekends. I’m not sure how much publicity has gotten out about it yet, but regardless, I have hair out for the weekend for L$100. New hair, mesh style. I’ve been trying to get hair out for about a week, but with two custom projects and school, it just hasn’t happened ’til now. It’s not super glam glam, but it does show you want mesh is capable of. Unfortunately I can’t do mesh hair like I’ve done in the past, so while I’m converting lots of my old nice looking IMVU hair over ’til I have time to make completely new stuff, I’m gonna have to come up with a new technique lol. Anyway, here’s the hair. I have 5 more coming later today plus some more stuff, but I haven’t slept yet and I’m very tired. T.T