Get New Hair For Free: Brittany

Written by Alice on August 19, 2011. Posted in Hair, News

Hi guys! I’ve finally gotten around to re-implementing the Lucky system into my store (sorry it’s been gone for so long! I never intended for that.) and now I have a new, unreleased hairstyle waiting for you to collect! Well, for right now it’s unreleased… trying to get it all finished and packed up in addition to other hairstyles.

There are 2 Lucky Boards and 1 Lucky Chair; each have the same items. I’ll add another board and/or chair to this once I start making shoes. For right now, each hairstyle inside each Lucky Board/Chair comes in ONE color from the Naturals Lite pack. I have a chart up in the store. Eventually I’d like to have some exclusive “Lucky Colors” can I use for this.

As a bonus, every time you win something you get entered into a daily drawing for a FULL, 25 color Naturals Pack of 1 hairstyle. Right now I have the new Brittany hairstyle and Persuasion in each of the boards/chair, plus Brittany and Persuasion Naturals Pack as the Lucky Bonus! I’ll be adding more to this as I get more stuff out. For now, here’s a pic of Brittany and the current Lucky Colors.

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