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New Hairstyle: Persuasion

Written by Alice on August 9th, 2011. Posted in Hair, Releases

Hi guys!

This is a repost from my old blog just so you all can see it. I’ll quote the old text, as well. :D

I’ve pretty much been the worst blogger ever and I haven’t blogged any of my previous releases. I want to completely overhaul my blog since I’ve already done the same with my inworld store, so of course I should probably post in it, hmm? Persuasion is my latest. I just put this out in the store last night/this morning and along with it is a special promo deal available where you can get this hair + a preview of my new HUD system! Yay! I’ll have more details posted later, but for right now, here’s and image of the hair, and please do come down and check it out. With the Hair + HUD ALL colors are included, new and old textures. Right now this is a total of… 400 colors/color combos! My old textures currently do not have compatible flexi wisp textures so you’ll have to use the HUD system to hide the flexi. I’ll have another post explaining all the features of the HUD at another time when I do a full release for it. For now, there’s a nifty graphic though! Come check it out in store,

Alice Project Hair - Persuasion

The Latest Releases

Written by Alice on August 9th, 2011. Posted in Hair, Releases

Hi all!

All who are not reading, I’m sure, lol. WELL, this is a post just to show what I’ve released recently, which will help with the new layout I’m working on too. I have a lot of stuff lined up that’s just kind of sitting around but I’ve been sick recently so I’ve been trying to concentrate all the time I have into working on commissions I need to finish. For now, here’s a look at all the things I didn’t blog on my old blog that were recently put out. These 6 are all from Hair Fair 2011. I have one more that I released afterward, but I’m gonna give it a special post because there’s other details… and I posted it on my old blog too, so I’m just gonna copy that one over, lol.